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Electronic File Secifications
The following guidelines are provided for assurance that
your electronic file will go to press looking its best.

Electronic files must be provided in one of the following file types:
• JPG (saved with the highest quality compression setting. If your software doesn't allow you to adjust the compression ...........quality, it's most likely too low.)
(saved using compression settings of 200-300dpi for bitmap images and 600dpi for lineart and text)

Filenames must have the proper three letter extension at the end of the name:
For example: if your file is named "NiceAd" and is saved as a PDF file, your final file name should be "NiceAd.pdf" (this example applies to .tif, .eps, .jpg, .bmp, etc...)

Files must be saved at high-resolution and be the right color mode:
Files should be saved at no less than 200dpi (dpi = dots per inch), preferebly 300dpi. There is little or no reason to save your file with any greater than 300 dpi. It will onlly result in a very large file that will take longer to submit. Files that will be printed in color should be saved in the CMYK color mode (not RGB). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the compatibility of your file, please call us at (509) 783-9256 or e-mail us.